Gain a new and exciting view of the London art life with our half day atelier tour. Get to know the people behind London’s freshest creative works as you learn about the techniques and inspiration that bring their visions to life. London is known as one of the top art city in the world and this tour gives you the chance to purchase your own piece of art from London.

After a convenient hotel pickup, set out on a journey that takes you to 3 or 4 local ateliers. Visit the artist and see first hand what they are working on. Nobody can explain a piece quite like its creator can, so this is your chance to pick up some insights and insider tips for a window into the creative world—and to enrich your own art collection if you find a piece that speaks to you. Finish with a discussion about the pieces you've seen over some light, refreshing cocktails before you return to your hotel.

We take care of insurance, packing and shipping.

The cost of your tour is refundable with the purchase of USD $2000 in art work.